Are the round robin servers down

Vernon Schryver
Thu Oct 10 22:22:53 UTC 2002

> From: Sean Rima <>

> Are the anon servers down. My mail log if full of:
> Oct 10 18:20:02 bsod dccproc[8510]: sendto(
> (,6277)): Connection refused
> but the IPs are different. I did a cdcc info and only one server is
> responding :(

As far as I can tell, all 7 of the public DCC servers have been
working for some time.  I say that based on RRD-based graphs for
each of them using 10 minute polling as well as ssh connections
between a couple of of them and various DCC flooding connections.

The second graph at
is based those 7 sets of data and shows no gaps today.

This new report is also consistent with what I've often suggested
as the cause of many other problems you've seen, intermittent routing
problems near system.

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