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Sean Rima
Mon Oct 7 10:40:02 UTC 2002

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On Sun, 6 Oct 2002, Vernon Schryver stated:

>> ...  Oct 6 14:34:06 bsod dccd[248]: database cleaning begun Oct 6
>> 14:35:57 bsod dbclean[5878]: expired 117719 records and 208989
>> checksums in /var/dcc/dcc_db Oct 6 14:44:58 bsod dccd[248]: "ADMN
>> FLOD received before ADMN DB_NEW" sent to client 1042 at
> That is a serious error that says one of the messags from dbclean to
> dccd was lost.  Since both programs must be running on the same
> system, that implies that something is seriously wrong with the
> loopback network on your computer.

This is what I am wondering as well because it it not good and I
cannot see why the system is doing it unless there is a problem that
syslog is not reporting.
> That implication of something hosed with lo0 routing is consistent
> with other problems you have reported in the past.  
> Is there any chance that sometime between 14:35 and 14:44 your PPP
> link went down and then came back?

Nope, as it is a ethernet link to another box. dcc runs on a small
P166 with 40mb ram, a 1.5gb HD as / and a 2gb hd as /home and /var

> That 11 minute delay is not good unless you have a small system
> with slow disks.

It is a fairly small system, see above for specs :)

>> ...  I remove the existing database and created a new one, since
>> then dccd has run okay. Something may have happened when I copied
>> the files up the new location, I tar.gz'd them. ...
> What files were copied?  I thought you said that you copied only the
> DCC source and then built it.

I copied the db files as well nothing else.

> Copying the /var/dcc/dcc_db file is unsafe if dccd is running when
> the snapshot is taken or if the source and target computers differ
> significantly, such copying from a SPARC to an 80*86.

I stopped and verified that dccd stopped prior to copying the db
files. they are both 80*86 PCs, infact both P1, 1 a p133 the other a
p166, I love old hardware.

ATM, I am getting a lot of disk writes, well activity. All that I can
see if that dccd is swapping a lot for some reason, maybe the 40mb is
not enough for it and the databases.


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