Not Seeing "bulk" keyword

P David Schaub
Fri Oct 4 05:03:10 UTC 2002

--On Thursday, October 03, 2002 10:25:20 PM -0600 Vernon Schryver 
<> wrote:

>> From: P David Schaub <>
>> ...
>> Thanks! I think I have it now.  I switched to the following:

> With '-a IGNORE', "-W" is supposed to be redundant, as far as rejecting mail
> is concerned.  It is a serious bug if "-a IGNORE" is ever ignored or
> overridden, except when sendmail is controlling things with the
> -s ${dcc_isspam} and -o ${dcc_notspam} macros.

[humm...scratches head...bangs head...examines bruise]  Well, I pulled the -W out and 
it is behaving as you described.  I _know_ I rejected messages today - it's in the 
sendmail logs.  What I can't swear to now is that I had the -a IGNORE in there.  I sure 
thought I did...

Thanks again,

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