cgi-bin Scripts w/Multiple Mail Servers

P David Schaub
Fri Oct 4 04:20:20 UTC 2002

--On Thursday, October 03, 2002 02:45:38 PM -0600 Vernon Schryver 
<> wrote:

>> From: P David Schaub <>
>> ...
>> Unfortunately, I think my traffic is going to be high enough (180,000 - 200,000/day)
>> and the server separation great enough to rule out a single instance of dccm.  I
>> believe I'm going to be stuck w/either NFS (yuck) or batch pull/push (double yuck)...
> ...
> That said, 200,000 messages/day wants more than one dccm process
> for the same reasons you probably have more than one MX server.
> Today's commodity hardware can easily run sendmail at 200,000
> messages/day, but you really don't want all of your mail eggs in a
> single sendmail or dccm basket.

True and I wasn't trying to impune the efficiency of DCC.  I've only run it a very 
short time and it seems incredibly efficient.  What I was concerned about was more the 
efficiency of the milter itself - having to pass each message across the network to a 
remote dccm daemon rather the process the message w/a local dccm and query a remote 
dccd server w/only checksum data.


> P.P.S. I've been given to understand that at least one competetor to the
>   DCC among body filters is 100 to 1000 times slower.

You have competitors? :)

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