Not Seeing "bulk" keyword

P David Schaub
Fri Oct 4 04:11:25 UTC 2002

--On Thursday, October 03, 2002 06:59:55 PM -0600 Vernon Schryver 
<> wrote:

>> From: P David Schaub <>
>> ...
>> I'm running dcc v.1.1.14 in a nonblocking mode
> By "nonblocking mode," do you mean "non-rejecting"?

Yes, it was kind of a mismash of non-rejecting and non-discarding...

> At what value should dccm decide that a message is "bulk"?
> Three copies of a message sent to a vanity domain might well be "bulk,"
> but 30 copies sent to a large ISP might not be.
> Thus the third value for `dccm -t` defines the local notion of "bulk."

Thanks! I think I have it now.  I switched to the following:

DCCM_ARGS="-a IGNORE -W -t CMN,50,50"

and I think I'm getting what I wanted - all messages are being accepted, but those at 
50 or above are picking up an X-DCC header with the keyword "bulk" in them.  I think I 
tried an "-a IGNORE -t CMN,50,50" earlier but missed the implication of not having a -W 
with it.  The -W apparently allows the IGNORE to apply even when the reject level on 
the -t is reached.  Without the -W, it looks like the IGNORE is overridden when the -t 
reject level is reached and messages are rejected...  I may be slow but....

Thanks again,

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