Not Seeing "bulk" keyword

Vernon Schryver
Fri Oct 4 00:59:55 UTC 2002

> From: P David Schaub <>

> ...
> I'm running dcc v.1.1.14 in a nonblocking mode 

By "nonblocking mode," do you mean "non-rejecting"?

>                                    and I'm getting the X-DCC header added 
> as appropriate.  What puzzles me is that I'm not seeing the keyword "bulk" on the X-DCC 
> header line when thresholds meet the the logging level.  Below is an extract of the 
> dcc_conf file for DCCM values.

> ...
> On one sample message I get this on the log files:
> X-DCC-JCP-Metrics: archer 1101; Body=43 Fuz1=43 Fuz2=43

> ...
> No "bulk"...
> Any thoughts?

At what value should dccm decide that a message is "bulk"?

Three copies of a message sent to a vanity domain might well be "bulk,"
but 30 copies sent to a large ISP might not be.
Thus the third value for `dccm -t` defines the local notion of "bulk."

I'll try to improve the dccm man page on this subject.

Vernon Schryver

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