cgi-bin Scripts w/Multiple Mail Servers

P David Schaub
Thu Oct 3 04:17:44 UTC 2002

I'm curious how folks with multiple mail servers are handling whitelisting
using the cgi-bin scripts provided in the DCC distribution.  The way I
understand it when using sendmail w/dccm each client needs to have access
to a common set of whitelist files.  If that is correct then I see three
possible options:

-> Run one dccm for all sendmail instances - downside here is that you
can't use a unix socket for your have to use an inet socket.
Also the entire message is passed across the network to the dccm daemon as
opposed to simple checksums from dccm to dccd.  On the plus side, managing
client whitelists is quite simple.

-> Run a cronjob to periodically move a master list of whitelist files from
a single instance of dccm running the cgi-bin scripts to all of the other
dccm clients.

-> Mount the userlist directory across an NFS mount so it can be shared by
all systems.  I'm not sure what implications this has on file locking...

Have I missed something.  Is there a much better way of doing business?

David Schaub


David Schaub

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