Hotmail problem?

Vernon Schryver
Mon Sep 30 23:05:54 UTC 2002

> From: Brandon Long <>

> ...
> Our case is probably way too specific, and we should probably be trying
> to whitelist the messages involved.  They generally come from web
> support forms, and they consist of a bunch of automatically added text
> which is technically user specific and the user's question, which is
> often one sentence or less.  The user specific data is either numbers or
> browser User-Agent, and hence are either common or ignored by fuz2.
> Especially when these questions are in asian charsets, fuz2 seems to
> count them all the same.

That makes sense, and doesn't sound like a reason to change the Fuz2 

This case sounds similar to the DCC hits I've seen on periodic
"security" reports.

> Like I said, our answer will be to detect these message and not run
> dccproc on these messages.

I would also white-list the IP addresses and/or other characteristics
of the HTTP servers that are sending the messages, given the doubtless
valid assumption that you don't have holes or spamming users.

Vernon Schryver

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