Getting an e-mail address ONTO spam lists

Adam Ierymenko
Mon Sep 30 22:21:11 UTC 2002

I thought of this... I may create a script to make an e-mail
address into a 'zombie' (a fake person... load image links,
etc...) and if I do I'll post it here.

On Monday, September 30, 2002, at 06:22 PM, Roy Hooper wrote:

>> The ability to report spam with dcc using -t many lends itself
>> quite well to the concept of setting up spam bait addresses.  I
>> have set up several of these and posted e-mails on usenet to them,
>> which is causing them to get some spam.  I am just wondering if
>> anyone knows what might be the best tactics to get an e-mail
>> address signed up for *LOTS* of spam.  Any ideas?  (Basically,
>> this is the inverse of what you normally want to do for an
>> address... :)
> Usenet is a good start, but you also need to confirm you exist to the
> spammers that spam you.  One good tactic is to load the embedded image 
> URLs
> in the emails you receive and/or click on the unsubscribe links.  This
> should quickly increase the amount of spam.  You'll also want to sign 
> up
> with all sorts of service online.   I reccomend one account per 
> "account"
> (site, newsgroup), so you can track what methods are most effective.
> Roy
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