Hotmail problem?

Vernon Schryver
Mon Sep 30 22:36:49 UTC 2002

> From: "Paul Judge" <>

> that is exactly what is happening.
> i've confirmed over here that an empty (or short message) sent from hotmail
> has high counts. The exact count depends on the random ad that hotmail
> appends to the message. An empty message that I just sent received body:142,
> fuz1:615, fuz2:1075.
> any thoughts on workarounds?

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> Seth Breidbart

> ..
> > My guess is that people are hitting "send" with empty message bodies,
> > leaving the hotmail ad as the only thing sent.

How do you figure that a work-around is desirable?  The stuff is
clearly bulk and unlikely to be solicited by anyone.

However, if receiving it is desirable, white-listing Hotmail would work.
I would not white-list the HELO value because that is commonly used
by (other?) spammers.  Hotmail probably has fewer than 100 SMTP clients,
and so you could white-list them. 

You could probably also use something like " OK"
in a sendmail access-DB along with a modified by
`misc/hackmc -O` in the DCC source.  This might need to wait until
the 1.1.15 version of the DCC source is released.  The next version
of hackmc will apply the access-DB to more cases.

Vernon Schryver

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