Getting an e-mail address ONTO spam lists

Roy Hooper
Mon Sep 30 22:35:10 UTC 2002

> On Mon, 30 Sep 2002, Roy Hooper wrote:
> > should quickly increase the amount of spam.  You'll also want to sign up
> > with all sorts of service online.   I reccomend one account per
> > (site, newsgroup), so you can track what methods are most effective.
> >
> Isn't stuff you sign up for _solicited_?  I can possibly see spamtrapping
> an address that's been traded umpteen times, but to solicit email and then
> arbitrarily declare it spam seems dishonest.

If you tell them not to email you, and disregard email from their entire
domain (yes, this requires lists), then you're okay.  The idea is to catch
spam resulting from people who sell their lists.


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