Hotmail problem?

Brandon Long
Mon Sep 30 21:58:14 UTC 2002

Not sure how easy this would be to implement in your system, but we try
to exempt message bodies under a certain length because they are less
likely to be "unique" enough (especially with fuz2).  We're still trying
to fine-tune this ourself, but this may be much harder when dealing with
HTML mail (since the minimum size for HTML messages may be larger than
the minimum for text, and multipart/mixed might be higher still)

We completely control how/when dccproc is run and on what, which
obviously isn't normal except maybe under SpamAssasin.


On 09/30/02 Paul Judge uttered the following other thing:
> that is exactly what is happening.
> i've confirmed over here that an empty (or short message) sent from hotmail
> has high counts. The exact count depends on the random ad that hotmail
> appends to the message. An empty message that I just sent received body:142,
> fuz1:615, fuz2:1075.
> any thoughts on workarounds?
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> Seth Breidbart
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> > I've never noticed this before, so I don't know if something changed
> > with Hotmail to cause it.  Many messages send from are
> > looking like bulk.  What is interesting is the log for a particular
> > message doesn't include the full message but just the same html
> > markup junk which explains why it looks like bulk.  It's almost like
> > part of the message is lost.
> My guess is that people are hitting "send" with empty message bodies,
> leaving the hotmail ad as the only thing sent.
> Seth
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