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Rose, Bobby
Mon Sep 30 17:53:14 UTC 2002

I have the same setup on a test box with the same lists and it doesn't
do it.  If I run the wlist command on the test box, it looks clean but
on the prod box, returns the same results except the last line is a
Broken Pipe message.

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From: Vernon Schryver [] 
Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 12:56 PM
Subject: Re: Error message

> From: "Rose, Bobby" <>

> I updated to .14 from .13 but at the same time I split of my white 
> list. I was placing local whitelisted systems into the whitecommon, 
> but that since I noticed that the distro'd one had changed so I 
> removed mine, created another file and just added another include 
> line.  Now I'm seeing in the logged messages and error state messages 
> in the sendmail logs.
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> size of whitelist /var/dcc/whiteclnt.dccw, 468988, is impossible
> But if I move mine into whitecommon it's fine.  So is this tactic just

> not possible?

Which is "this tactic," using two "include" lines?  If so, there should
be no problem with having more than one "include" line in
/var/dcc/whiteclnt and I know of none.

That error message is produced when the size of the whitelist hash file
is not a multiple of 28 plus 41176, it is larger than 82090 entries or
about 2,339,696 bytes, or the size of the file differs from what the
header in the file claims.  My guess is that the third condition is the
one that matters here.

Is there any chance that disk containing the white list overflowed?

The complete DCC tarball contains a hack named wlist.
What does `wlist whiteclnt | head -40` say?

If the problem is reproducible, I'd appreciate access to the whitelists.

Vernon Schryver
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