DCC clients changing Subject header survey

Brian T Glenn dcc-mailing-list@delink.net
Thu Sep 26 13:09:04 UTC 2002

On Thu, 26 Sep 2002, Bertha wrote:

| > I think dccproc needs an option to add some constant header
| > instead of just the variable header it adds right now.  I do
| > not know of *any* mail program off the top of my head that
| > allows filtering of headers that contain wildcards, regexes,
| > or any other kind of pattern matching.
| Agent uses regular expressions in its filtering.  It's the only GUI mail
| program I'm fairly familiar with, so I have no idea if this is common
| (from your statements it seems it isn't).

My day job is primarily a Microsoft shop, and we use Outlook for our
email. It has an option for filtering by words that appear in the header,
so I think one would be able to setup a filter for a specific header, but
not with any kind of wildcard/regex matching.

Of course with Outlook, there is Jon Webb's SpamZapster, which looks at
the regular DCC header specifically and does its own checksum reporting.

I know another popular client in the Windows world is Eudora, maybe I will
download a free version if there is one and see what its capabilities are.

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