version 1.1.12 of the DCC

Vernon Schryver
Thu Sep 12 17:00:34 UTC 2002

Version 1.1.12 of the DCC source is in and and start with

    move dccd statistics to the so they're preserved despite
	restarting dccd.
    add shell scripts to generate RRD graphs.
    make rate-limits run-time parameters for `dccd -R`.

If you are running a DCC server older than version 1.1.5, it
would be good to upgrade.  I'm having problems keeping the worst case
lengths of paths among servers below the old limit of 8 hops.  Older
servers ignore reports of checksums with paths containing 8 or more hops.

I hope the graph generating misc/dcc-stats-* shell scripts that
are installed in /var/dcc/libexec might be useful to people running
servers.  They are most of what I use to generate
The remainder consists of scripts run by cron to call the shipped scripts,
a little hacking with montage to combine graphs to reduce the number
of links on each page and finally to copy some of the results to a
directory it is safe to let apache see,

Vernon Schryver

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