Best way to whitelist mailing lists

Roy Hooper
Tue Sep 3 15:33:01 UTC 2002

> > Wildcard or Regex whitelist options might help in this situation, or
> summarizes my view of regular expressions in this context.

I suspected as much without having read the FAQ -- adding pattern matching
changes the behaviour of whitelisting entirely.

> > additional whitelist checks on the domain portions of env_From, env_To,
> > From...
> What additional portions of env_From or env_To would be both useful
> and practical?

In my opinion, only the domain portions would be.  The local part has too
little meaning to be of any practical use without the domain portion.

On the subject of whitelisting, it occurs to me that whitelisting local
messages while integrated with Procmail might be easier done if there was a
way to combine whitelists into one directive.  As an example I might want to

whitelist From and hostname

This could possibly be done by by extending whitelist syntax slightly to
have linked lists of operations through use of optional and and or keywords
just before count?

Just thoughts.  I must admit I do not entirely understand the whitelist
system at this time, not having had time to study it (That might be an issue
that in itself needs addressing in the future: a quick intro to how it works
and how to use them, along with plenty of examples).

> Note that sendmail access_db entries can be used to white-list based
> on parts of the envelope.  See -O in

Except for people using DCC with SpamAssassin and who are not using


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