bad DCC traffic from

Vernon Schryver
Mon Sep 2 17:02:07 UTC 2002

> From: Trevor Astrope <>

> Here are the instructions in the spamassassin README:
>     # tar xfvz dcc-dccproc.tar.Z
>     # cd dcc-dccproc-X.X.X
>     # ./configure && make && make install
>     # cdcc 'new map'
>     # cdcc 'add'
>     # cdcc 'info'

That's ok, except that the 'new map' and "add'
are respectively unnecessary and wrong.  The map file that comes
with the source points to localhost and  Those
two shipped entries usually do the right thing if there is a local
server.  If there is no local server or if the local server fails,
requests are instantly sent to one of the public server names listed
in the main DCC web page at and has not been listed for months.

> Perhaps there is something wrong with my client. I'm running spamassassin
> on my home machine as well to filter all my mail, and haven't experienced
> any problems. My home IP is if you would like to check to
> make sure all is ok with that client.

    cdcc 'id 101; clients -n' | grep

on says that IP address has been heard from once in
the last 20 minutes.
That IP address has been heard from only 9 times in the last 12 hours
Whatever it is seems to be distinctive of, which has
been heard from 6859 times at in 12 hours.  
I've lost the several 1000 counts from, which should have
heard from only about a dozen times in 12 hours, because
its narrow ISDN link makes it have a higher RTT and look like a poor choice.

Vernon Schryver

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