bad DCC traffic from

Vernon Schryver
Mon Sep 2 16:06:30 UTC 2002

> From: "Jon Webb" <>

> ...
> It is, of course, possible that there's a bug, and the transactions are
> occurring much more often than that. It's also possible that the
> transactions are simply due to a much larger number of DCC clients;

Have you ever run a DCC server? 
Please also re-read my initial message.

The normal DCC server statistics gathering keeps fair track of how
many DCC clients there are and which they are.  In recent days, there
have been about 650 anonymous clients of the public servers making
perhaps 500,000 real requests (as opposed to NOPs) per day.  Moreover,
a server operator can turn on tracing for various things and to see
what each client is doing.

(The majority of those real requests come from a small number of DCC
clients, but that's another issue that I hope is being addressed, 
albeit slowly.)

>                                                                     after
> all, with the PC software each PC becomes a DCC client (which I know is not
> as good a design as having the mail servers be the clients, but many people
> can't control their mail servers.)
> ...

You could run DCC servers for your paying customers like the many other
outfits that are providing DCC filtering for their paying customers.

Vernon Schryver

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