bad DCC traffic from

Vernon Schryver
Mon Sep 2 14:47:30 UTC 2002

Does anyone know anything about or
Goodbytes Information Products Inc

I am seeing DCC traffic from or
that could be considered abusive.  It consists only of zillions of DCC
NOP operations.

There are some other hosts that do almost as much.  

I wonder if the cause might be the recently advertised PC code.  I
suspect that code lacks the shared map file containing RTTs and other
information of the proper DCC design, and as a consequence, every
operation involves a round of RTT measuring.  The result of that is
currently a 6 fold increase in the load imposed on the public DCC
servers by that software compared to a proper design.  When more public
DCC servers are available, the problem will be worse.

What countermeasures are appropriate?

Vernon Schryver

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