Version 1.1.11 of the DCC

Vernon Schryver
Mon Aug 26 15:09:05 UTC 2002

ersion 1.1.11 of the DCC source is in and and start with

    fix dccm bugs with handling a non-responsive server.
    change misc/hackmc to modify to reject unauthorized relay
	attempts with a temporary failure when they are supposed to be sent
	to the DCC but dccm is not running.  This prevents leaking relay
	relay spam.  You must use the new hackmc script to install this
	change in
    remove "# whitelisted" from `cdcc stats` output to give more room
	for totals.
    prevent empty dccproc log files as noted by Krzysztof Snopek.
    even fatal errors should cause dccproc to exit with 0 to avoid
	rejecting mail, as noted by Krzysztof Snopek.
    When server hostnames have common IP addresses, prefer the server
	with the non-anonymous client-ID, noted by Krzysztof Snopek.

Vernon Schryver

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