DCC - Postfix MTA mail hub implementation question

Matt Armstrong matt@lickey.com
Fri Aug 23 05:02:54 UTC 2002

Steven Camp wrote:

> In reading the documentation and the reference at:
>    http://www.rhyolite.com/pipermail/dcc/2001/000098.html
> it appears that DCC needs to be inserted into the mail delivery 
> machine. This is _very_ undesirable for us.  Have I read the 
> documentation wrong?  Can DCC be implemented into a mail hub / relay 
> environment where local delivery does not exist .. preferably with 
> postfix.

Yes.  It'd be done with a postfix content filter. Basically postfix can 
be set up to pipe all mail it sees to a command or SMTP server running 
on a different port. Postfix then expects the mail to be re-injected via 
SMTP running on a port other than 25. See what I think is a file called 
FILTER_README in the postfix source distribution -- or search the 
postfix mailing list archive. I'm fuzzy on the details, but the 
documentation is pretty good. My recollection is that there is no 
prefabricated setup that'll let you use dccproc as is though. It might 
take some custom scripting on your part.

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