Weird syslog stuff

Vernon Schryver
Thu Aug 22 00:21:09 UTC 2002

> From: Sean Rima <>

> I am seeing the following in my syslog. Okay it is the first time I have
> seen this so thought I would ask :)
> Aug 21 23:47:08 tcob1 dccd[2530]: oflod complaint from
>,6277: future flooded report 08/21/02 18:44:53.150376
> ID=1023

The string "oflod complaint from" means that the flooding peer
has a complaint.'s logs should have a corresponding
message that says something about an "iflod complaint to tcob1..." 

Every report of checksums includes a timestamp.  Dccd and dbclean
watch for timestamps more than 4 hours in the future, because many
things in the DCC system depend on knowing when checksums were seen.

Judging from what `cdcc "; stats"` says,
is almost exactly 4 hours in the past.

Vernon Schryver

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