using "paying" clients

Vernon Schryver
Thu Aug 15 15:28:39 UTC 2002

> From: Sean Rima <>

> I added a client to the ids file, ( However,
> I keep getting:
> Aug 15 14:42:03 tcob1 dccd[11079]: bad authentication for client-ID
> 32769 from
> the password is the same one on boths sides, has (in ids)
> 32769    passwd second-passwd
> in cdcc I did a add 32769 passwd
> But I still get the bad auth error.
> - From I do:
> cdcc "host tcob1;id 32769;password passwd;info"  stats

The mechanism is in use in plenty of other places.
Have you checked for error messages in the system log?  For example,
the ids file must be private.

Vernon Schryver

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