dccproc -V option gives broken pipe

Joeri Belis joeri.belis@nollekens.be
Mon Jul 22 14:11:13 UTC 2002

> > ...
> > I replaced the map file by
> > cdcc "load map.txt"
> > ...
> > But cdcc stats still gives the same output.
> > [root@linuxnol:~]#cdcc stats
> > badly signed NOP response from dcc.dcc-servers.net (,6277)
> Is all of this happening on a single computer, including the building
> of the DCC programs?  Did you compile cdcc and dccproc on another
> machine and copy them to or did you replace the
> map file on another machine and copy it to
> If so, are both computers Intel systems running RedHat?
Yes, 1 box redhat 6.1 intel.

But where do you get the IP We use something completly
different or is this
from my isp?


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