dccproc -V option gives broken pipe

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Thu Jul 18 15:21:06 UTC 2002

> From: "Joeri Belis" <joeri.belis@nollekens.be>

> ...
> [popuser@linuxnol:~]$cat sample-nonspam.txt | dccproc -dV > nonspam.out
> 1.1.6
> Broken pipe

`Dccproc -V` displays the program's version number and quits.  That
is to avoid polluting a real message on stdout with the version number.

> As you see i get a broken pipe.
> The -V parameter is also used in spamassassin and gives the same result.

A few hundred other people are using SpamAssassin with dccproc.  Because
the combination is working for them, they cannot be using -V.

> This is the same but without the -V parameter added.
> [popuser@linuxnol:~]$cat sample-nonspam.txt | dccproc -d > nonspam.out
> badly signed NOP response from dcc.dcc-servers.net (,6277)
> badly signed NOP response from dcc.dcc-servers.net (,6277)
> ...

That suggests that you are using a DCC client-ID that the DCC servers
do not like.  Judging from logs on some of the servers whose IP
addresses are in dcc.dcc-servers.net, you are using a client-ID of 0.
That is an invalid client-ID and suggests that your /var/dcc/map file
is corrupt.  Do you have and clues how that might have happened?

Recent versions of the DCC source tarball generate and install a sample
/var/dcc/map file.  That process works find on RedHat 5.2.

If my guess that your /var/dcc/map file is broken, then it can 
be fixed by  `cdcc "delete dcc.dcc-servers.net; add dcc.dcc-servers.net"`

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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