1.1.6 crashes on OpenBSD 2.8

Richard Johnson rdump@river.com
Wed Jul 17 16:22:06 UTC 2002

At 09:59 -0600 on 17/07/2002, Vernon Schryver wrote:
>> From: Rafal Maszkowski <rzm@icm.edu.pl>
>> ...
>> I looked into the running-stalled proces with gdb and it seems to be stopped
>> also in _thread_machdep_switch() .
> If there is a locking bug in dccm, that's what would happen.  It's
> also what could happen if the OpenBSD threads package has a bug.

The latter is more likely on OpenBSD 2.8.  I recall discussion of threading
bug fixes in 3.0 and later.

> I know to which of those possibilities I'd rather attribute your problem.
> That hope is consistent with lack of reported problems on other platforms.

The bug that's causing the dccm problem might be fixed in OpenBSD 3.1
stable or even 3.1 current.  I'd recommend testing that first.


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