sendmail: dccdnsbl v dnsbl

Vernon Schryver
Mon Jul 15 02:47:20 UTC 2002

> From: Michael Ghens <>

> Strange, at the day job, dccdnsbl does not block anything, but dnsbl does. 
> On my consulting server, there are no problems with dccdnsbl.
> I have tryied dccdnsbl.m4 with and without the 5 dnl lines, no change.
> Only difference is  that the day job server is a store & forward on the 
> firewall DMZ and uses a procmail filter for bad mime. The DMZ box is a rh 
> runing Sendmail 8.11.

I don't understand how procmail fits into things, but maybe it
doesn't matter for this problem.

The official dnsbl feature turns on DNS blacklist rejecing, while
the DCC dccdnsbl feature turns on DNS blacklist reporting to the DCC while
leaving the DCC to do the rejecting.  

Dccm log files on the day job server should have some clues.  What do 
they have to say about dccm's disposition of messages marked as spam
by sendmail with a DNS blacklist?

Vernon Schryver

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