Can Fuz2 counts drop?

Tim Wicinski
Thu Jul 11 21:37:33 UTC 2002

------ Vernon Schryver, <> writ

    Are you sure it's the same server?  Judging from the two X-DCC headers,
    te first server had server-ID 1035 while the second has server-ID 1011.

I think you are correct. There must be something in my water today, and
the two DCC servers we use have fuddled me.  
    I can't think of a way in which Fuz counts could drop for a currently
    active spew that has reached the server's dccd -t threshold.  See also
    `/var/dcc/libexec/dblist -Hv | head`.  Old spews are eventually
    forgotten, but that sends their counts to zero.
    In version 1.1.5, you can use
    `dblist -C "Fuz2 506e5626 775518ea 1d79e611 0d04b91e"` to look 
    at the relevant database entries.  In preceding versions, something
    like `dblist -vH | grep -B6 "506e5626 775518ea 1d79e611 0d04b91e`
    works, if you have enough patience.

We are still at 1.0.53 on our more heavily used dcc servers.  1.1.5 is
working well on our other one (no massive memory leak as previous) so
we'll move forward.
    By the way, anyone running a busy server should consider assigning
    and using a client-ID (or IDs) for local clients.  Starting with
    version 1.1.3, the default value of `dccd -u` is tied to the anonymous
    client rate limit DCCD_RL_FREE to reduce bursts of messages (and their
    associated refusals to answer) like these:
    ... dccd[37790]: 24 requests/sec are too many from anonymous 143.166...
    Delaying anonymous clients by 50 milliseconds is harmless when they
    are far away, but it can slow them down when they are local.
    If you have a busy system, you probably don't want to risk hitting
    the anonymous client rate limits in your server.  That is another
    reason to use client-IDs.
    To use client-IDs,
      - pick numbers at least as large as 32768 and given them passwords
          in /var/dcc/ids
      - install the client-ID and password in your /var/dcc/map file,
          for example by
             cdcc "add localhost RTT-1000    32768 secret"
    The "RTT-1000" adjustment makes your DCC clients prefer your server by
    1000 milliseconds.

This is interesting and leads to some good questions.   We have
customers who would like to run their mail through DCC filters, where
they can query a server for an answer, ala the RBL. 

We don't want to MX all the mail through our servers, if it can be
avoided for various reasons. 

It looks like customers will either need to MX thru our servers or
install DCCM and set up client IDs.  Correct? 


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