Can Fuz2 counts drop?

Tim Wicinski
Thu Jul 11 19:33:24 UTC 2002

I received a piece of spam forwarded from a customer.  It has this line
on it:

	X-DCC-meer-Metrics: 1035; Body=1 Fuz1=1 Fuz2=25

I extract the full message and pipe their message via dccproc locally, but
pointing to the same dcc server. I get this:

ns2_tim:[1126] showlong | dccproc -Q -C
X-DCC-meer-Metrics: 1011; Body=0 Fuz1=0 Fuz2=23
                                   checksum                 server
             env_From: 0747e5d3 2a53c3f6 1dd40e5e eda231a8       0
                 From: ccc6c072 40b33ae3 bacaec54 0882d492       0
           Message-ID: 1362b8df 108a9149 72f70f53 94ddee2f       0
             Received: 39652063 86b73ebb efeafb0a 6c88773f       0
                 Body: d3b86cb6 13f5af7c 152e5f33 b133f9e9       0
                 Fuz1: 373854aa 03c9e7e4 0f98124b 5befbe7b       0
                 Fuz2: 506e5626 775518ea 1d79e611 0d04b91e      23

So can the counts drop?   Seems very odd. I'll save this message
and I have not marked it as 'many' yet on our server.

I've seen an increase in spam in the last week, and I'm trying to get a
handle as to why. 

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