Body with HTML comments

Vernon Schryver
Sun Jul 7 19:39:28 UTC 2002

> From: "Francois Baligant" <>
> To: <>

> 	Anyone has an idea with DCC can deal with message body
> 	that looks like this ? Basicaly, can it make abstraction
> 	of the variable length HTML comments ?
> 	If not, can it be done and still be okay performance-wise ?
> <html>
> <body bgColor="#CCCCCC" topmargin=1 onMouseOver="window.status='';
> return true" oncontextmenu="return false" ondragstart="return false"
> onselectstart="return false">
> Hello,<BR>
> <BR>
> As se<!--5-->en on NB<!--D-->C, CBS, and CN<!--H-->N, and even
> Opr<!--D-->ah!  The health<br>
> ...

Is there evidence that spam is not being caught?  From what I've seen,
things are working.  A few weeks ago someone sent me close to 100
different samples of that sort of spam.  `dccproc -Q` said most were
spam according to the common DCC database.  That suggests that they
are not a problem.

I have in mind some simple, inexpensive, changes that would be effective
if that particular spammer makes the changes that it would need to
make to evaded the current fuzzy checksums using that tactic.

As always, I do not like to talk about the workings of the fuzzy
checksums in a public mailing list that is indexed by Google.  If
spammers were not what they are, they'd not need any help to evade
any likely body filtering mechanism.  However, they are what they are.

Vernon Schryver

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