Body with HTML comments

Francois Baligant
Sun Jul 7 17:29:43 UTC 2002

	Anyone has an idea with DCC can deal with message body
	that looks like this ? Basicaly, can it make abstraction
	of the variable length HTML comments ?

	If not, can it be done and still be okay performance-wise ?

<body bgColor="#CCCCCC" topmargin=1 onMouseOver="window.status='';
return true" oncontextmenu="return false" ondragstart="return false"
onselectstart="return false">
As se<!--5-->en on NB<!--D-->C, CBS, and CN<!--H-->N, and even
Opr<!--D-->ah!  The health<br>
discove<!--F-->ry that actually revers<!--D-->es aging while burning
with<!--boy-->out dieti<!--D-->ng or exerc<!--F-->ise!  This
pro<!--A-->ven discovery has even<br>
been report<!--francois-->ed on by the Ne<!--test-->w Engl<!---->and
Jour<!--F-->nal of Medi<!--F-->cine.<br>
For<!--francois-->get aging and d<!---->ieting forever!  And it's
* Red<!--lo-->uce body fat and build lean muscle WIT<!--francois-->HOUT
* Enha<!--francois-->ce se<!--la-->xual perf<!--hehe-->ormance<br>
* Rem<!--francois-->ove wrinkles and cellulite<br>
* Lower blood pres<!--francois-->sure and improve choles<!---->terol
* Imp<!--francois-->rove sleep, vision and me<!---->mory<br>
* Resto<!--francois-->re hair color and gro<!---->wth<br>
* Stren<!--francois-->gthen the immune sys<!---->tem<br>
* Incre<!--francois-->ase ener<!---->gy and card<!---->iac output<br>
* Turn bac<!--francois-->k your body's biol<!---->ogical time
cl<!---->ock 10-20 years<br>
in 6 months of usage !!!<br><br>
<a href="">FOR FRE<!--o-->E
INFO<!--you-->RMATION AND G<!--love-->ET FREE 
1 MON<!--francois-->TH SUPPLY OF HG<!---->H CLICK
You are recei<!--francois-->ving this email as a subscr<!---->iber<br>
to the Opt<!--francois-->-In Ameri<!---->ca Mailin<!---->g Lis<!---->t.
To remo<!--francois-->ve your<!---->self from all related
just <a
Click Here</a>


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