Compile errors

Vernon Schryver
Fri Jun 28 16:16:25 UTC 2002

> From: "Luke Galea" <>

> Hello.. I am having difficulty compiling dccproc-1.1.3. I am doing a
> ./configure followed by make and I am getting an error:
> ../dbclean/dbclean command not found. I checked and the dbclean
> executable has yet to be built.. so I wonder if anyone has had better
> success and could give me a hand..

That looks like a bug I introduced in 1.1.3 in the sub-packages.
Dbclean is not in the client-only dccproc and dccm tarballs.
Until I can figure out a minimally kludgy way to keep homedir/Makefile
from trying to install an empty server database for the client-only
packages, the easiest work-arounds are either

  1. fetch and build the full package.

  2. edit homedir/ before running ./configure or 
      homedir/Makefile after to remove "dcc_db" from the line that
      starts with "all"  That is probably line 32.

Vernon Schryver

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