bad server-ID
Thu May 30 20:58:21 UTC 2002

> From: Vernon Schryver

> > From: <>

> > ...
> > If anyone else is getting errors from those IPs please let me know.

> `cdcc "host; stats all"` suggests that all of the
> servers with A records are getting lots of them.
> The most recent in my log is from 12:41:16 PDT.

Sorry, I should have said: "If anyone continues to get errors..."

> The current problem looks like a byte-order bug.  16777216 is 0x1000000.

Ya, just noticed that.  Fixed now.  Thanks.

> > As I mentioned before, I am doing a Windows port. Apparently I haven't
> > the packet format quite right yet.
> > ...

> As I've understood the word "port" when I've been paid to do it to
> something, it involves lttle related to understanding and implementing
> a protocol, not to mention misplacing an ntohl() in code that works
> without changes on big- and little-endian systems.

Perhaps I'm playing a little fast and loose with the term "port".
I don't expect people are interested in the details but I've ported the
checksum generation code and place it in a DLL.  The network code I

> The WIN32 port that I've had on my very long term to-do list since
> the beginning involves approximately adding a modest amount of junk
> to deal with Redmond's embrace-and-extend notions of sockets, a few
> ifdefs, and a simplistic shell script to take the place of the autoconf
> script and generate a fixed dcc_config.h file for the cross compiling.
> Some of the worst of the work would probably be dealing with InstallShield
> to make a tolerable package (as opposed to typical PC, trash-the-whole-
> registry-and-c:/windows tactic).
> Well, there's also the mess of dealing with WIN32 shared files instead
> of POSIX for the client map.

The "port" I have done is pretty specific to my needs.
I am writing an email processing program that runs on the end user's
computer, intercepts their mail and processes it (similar to Norton).
This is a bit different from the server based system that you created.
I am sure your code would port quite nicely.  It's just that that would not
fit my needs in this case.

In any case: I have fixed the byte-order bug.
If anyone continues to get bad packets please let me know.  It is not my
intention to make a pain of myself.


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