Null address in dccm log file

Vernon Schryver
Thu May 30 15:00:31 UTC 2002

> From: Gary Mills <mills@cc.UManitoba.CA>

> In the snippet from a dccm log file for one of our local mailing
> lists, below, one of the envelope recipients shows up with a null
> address.  Is this a result of a parsing error in the DCC code?
>   DATE: 05/28/02 20:23:16 CDT
>   IP: localhost ::ffff:
>   HELO:
>   env_From: <>  mail_host=

No, that is not the result of an error, at least not in dccm.
Dccm does not do any parsing.  It simply uses the values of the
sendmail macros $&{mail_host}, $&i, $&{rcpt_mailer}, and $&{rcpt_addr}

The sendmail "resolved" host or $&{mail_host} value for a local address
is null.  Does your system think is one of its own names?

>   env_To: <>  dir=

I don't know why there is no "dir=" value there.  Perhaps 
sendmail could not figure out a value for $&{rcpt_mailer}


If there had been an addr= value there, there would have been no dir=
value because dccm refuses to play the per-user directory game for
a string with slashes.

Have you considered a rule that would set ${dcc_notspam}
if ${rcpt_mailer} or ${rcpt_addr} is null?  Perhaps something like
this in your .mc file?:

R$*		$: <$&{rcpt_mailer}> $1
R<> $*		$: <$(macro {dcc_notspam} $@ "null rcpt_mailer" $)>$1
R<$*> $*	$: <$&{rcpt_addr}>$2
R<> $*		$: <$(macro {dcc_notspam} $@ "null rcpt_addr" $)>$1
R<$*> $*	$: $2

I've not tried that, but it might white-list your non-local mail.

Vernon Schryver

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