Using DCC with forwarding?

Mark Motley
Wed May 22 04:42:10 UTC 2002

> I'm not sure including per-user whitelists into the global dccm -w
> whiteclnt
> is a good idea, because people have differing ideas of what which bulk
> mail is solicited.

Oh, I see what you mean.  Again, I haven't played with the new per-user
whitelists yet.  I assume that they only come into effect if the email
is to that particular user (instead of globally as is the case with
whiteclnt)?  If so, that's quite useful.
> I've the impression that you can do just about anything with IMAP,
> so it might be possible to look at log files and manipulate a per-user
> dccm whitelist with IMAP.

Actually, my thoughts on using IMAP were much simpler than this.  In our
case, we don't have local users on our sendmail box -- they are all
present on the Exchange system (and hence a WinNT domain).  IMAP could
be used just for authenticating the user.

In other words, user wants to deal with his whiltelists.
Joe brings up the WWW system for that, but needs to supply his
username/password.  That could be authenticated via IMAP just to make
sure it's correct.  Once that's done, everything else can be done via
session cookie (or can be stored in a cookie using a one-way pad).  At
least at that point you would have a good idea he is who he says he is
and not modifying somebody else's whiltelists or looking at their email

Squirrelmail ( does something similar to
this in their authentication... it's an IMAP web client, but the way
they do authentication (and hence store than auth info for future IMAP
requests) could be used here just for the authentication piece (and no
other IMAP would be involved).  Make sense?

> I'm slowly working on some demonstration CGI scripts that might be
> as starting points for letting PC users manipulate their dccm
> and view their log files.  A real installation will probably need to
> solve the authentication problem with better than manual uses of

In my (!copious) spare time I'm starting to write a PHP parser for the
log files and perhaps the whitelists. This may be helpful down the road
if somebody wants to write a management system in PHP (although CGI is a
good choice too).  PHP just makes session management easier...


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