Using DCC with forwarding?

Vernon Schryver
Tue May 21 15:36:19 UTC 2002

> From: "Mark Motley" <>

> ...
> I've thought that authenticating via POP or IMAP may make sense.  In
> other words, allow the user to type their user ID, password, and email
> server and then use POP/IMAP to check it.  I have no idea if this makes
> sense for the user-based whitelists of DCC 1.1.x as I'm not using them
> yet... could it be done using an include on whiteclnt?  The whitelist
> filename would be the user ID.
> ...

I'm not sure including per-user whitelists into the global dccm -w whiteclnt
is a good idea, because people have differing ideas of what which bulk
mail is solicited.

I've the impression that you can do just about anything with IMAP,
so it might be possible to look at log files and manipulate a per-user
dccm whitelist with IMAP.

I'm slowly working on some demonstration CGI scripts that might be used
as starting points for letting PC users manipulate their dccm whitelists
and view their log files.  A real installation will probably need to
solve the authentication problem with better than manual uses of htpasswd.

Vernon Schryver

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