Using DCC with forwarding?

Mark Motley
Tue May 21 06:59:48 UTC 2002

> I've been thinking about sample scripts and HTML to be used with
> show how one might let users control their individual 1.1.0-style
> lists and log files.  The big question I have is how to handle user
> authentication.  The poor best idea I've come up with is a script that
> users htpasswd.  How do you let users see the log files?
> Am I wasting my time working on such spam scripts?  I suspect as much,
> because I suspect anyone who might use them has already solved the
> web-access-to-user-files problem.

I've been batting this around as well.

For those of us on Exchange (no UNIX users, sendmail is just an SMTP
passthrough) this can be a real issue.

I've thought that authenticating via POP or IMAP may make sense.  In
other words, allow the user to type their user ID, password, and email
server and then use POP/IMAP to check it.  I have no idea if this makes
sense for the user-based whitelists of DCC 1.1.x as I'm not using them
yet... could it be done using an include on whiteclnt?  The whitelist
filename would be the user ID.

Of course, use of a higher-level language would probably be required.
Personally, I was thinking of PHP.


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