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Tony L. Svanstrom tony@svanstrom.com
Sat May 18 01:12:09 UTC 2002

On Fri, 17 May 2002 the voices made Vernon Schryver write:

> The fact that you issued delete request for some of the checksums for that
> message suggests that I should make honoring delete requests off by
> default.  Unless you know for a fact that the message was not unsolicited
> bulk mail where it was marked as "many", you stepped over the line.
> As the DCC documentation says and as I've told you, the DCC detects bulk
> mail.  You must add a white list to distinguish between solicited and
> unsolicited bulk mail.  Anyone who is rejecting all mail marked "many"
> has not read the documentation or is intentionally misusing or at least
> not using the DCC as intended if you rejecting all mail marked "many."

 *Doing his best not to start with the "why it's a bad thing that there are
tools easily used to mark up, or down, the bulkiness of e-mail"-talk*


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