version 1.1.1 of the DCC

Mark Motley
Tue May 14 17:01:34 UTC 2002

> Yes, that is (I hope)) correct for both 1.1.1. and 1.1.2.

Yes, taking off -W and using -a IGNORE seems to be working under 1.1.1.
> With either -a IGNORE or without thresholds (DCCM_REJECT_AT empty),
> dccm will report checksums, add X-DCC header lines, and not reject
> any mail except that rejected by the sendmail access database.
> The difference is that to get good "bulk" strings in X-DCC header
> lines, you need thresholds.

Before I was justing log thresholds (no reject) but now I've added a reject threshold combined with the -a IGNORE.  Some of my staff are awaiting the dreaded spam to see if the "bulk" string is being added to the headers now.

About the -W parameter:  After my last post, I re-read the man pages on dccm.  I'm still confused on how the -W parameter should work:

     -W   makes recipient addresses white listed by default, to make it easier
          to manage systems where only a minority of users want unsolicited
          bulk mail to be rejected or discarded.  This kludge of a feature is
          useful when addresses should by default not be protected against
          spam with the DCC.  The idea is that the destination addresses of
          participating users are listed with either "OK" or "OK2" and non-
          participants are not listed.  With -W, mail sent only to env_To val­
          ues or target addresses that are not listed in the -w whiteclnt file
          is treated as if -a IGNORE were used.  That means that the DCC serv­
          er is queried and the X-DCC SMTP header is added but the message is
          delivered regardless of target counts and thresholds.  Target ad­
          dresses listed with "OK2" in the whiteclnt file are treated neutral­
          ly or as if they were not listed and the -W option was not speci­
          fied.  Mail is delivered, rejected, or discarded to addresses listed
          with "OK2" as controlled by target counts, thresholds, and the -a

The reason I put the -W parameter there to begin with is that I may have users who want outright rejections of spam without setting up Outlook rules.  I was planning on marking those users with an OK2 in the whiteclnt file.  Based on the man page about -W, the X-DCC headers are added but the message is still delivered to users NOT listed in the whitleclnt file at all.  This was the way 1.0.53 was working, and I think that may be a better way to proceed overall since it gives you the admin/user the option of either marking the spam (no whitelist) -or- rejecting it at the sendmail bastion host (OK2 whitelist).


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