version 1.1.1 of the DCC

Mark Motley
Tue May 14 05:24:31 UTC 2002

> I guess I'm confused.
> With -W as it is in 1.1.1, env_To values are white-listed by default,
> so that unlisted env_To values behave as if they were listed with "OK
> env_To".  A message sent only to recipients listed with "OK env_To" is
> not supposed to be reported to the DCC server.  Without talking to the
> DCC server about a message, dccm cannot know the total counts for the
> checksums and so cannot create a meaningful X-DCC header.

No, I think I'm confused actually.  What you're saying makes perfect

As I said in my previous email, nothing in the config has changed from
1.0.53 to 1.1.1.  With 1.0.53, using a -W still reported checksums and
still put an X-DCC header on every message not from a whitelisted (OK)
source.  Perhaps it was a bug which added to the confusion...
> Reading my confusing and confused words in the dccm man page says that
> with -W, unlisted targets are supposed to act like -a IGNORE.

I think that -W is probably the most confusing parameter, both to
explain and to understand!

> Unless someone thinks the 1.1.1 notion is better, I'll working making
> 1.1.2 act more like 1.0.53.  While thinking about it, I realize that
> I don't have the interaction of the per-recipient and global white
> lists working right for env_To, and so have to do something.
> Until 1.1.2, if the goal is to have dccm add X-DCC headers but not
> reject any mail, and if this can be done for all users, there
> are -a IGNORE or not using any thresholds.

Well, I'm okay with this as long as there is a workaround.  Just to
reiterate, our goal is to mark all non-whitelisted email with X-DCC
headers and let the users do filtering in their Outlook clients.  We
don't want to reject email at sendmail yet as we don't know the extent
of whitelistng we'll need to do (although I think I've identified quite
a bit of it already).

So just to clarify, -a IGNORE without a -W will still report checksums
and still put the X-DCC header line, and will not reject email.  Is this
correct?  If so, I'll put that up on 1.1.1 and see what happens.


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