version 1.1.1 of the DCC

Vernon Schryver
Tue May 14 04:44:30 UTC 2002

> From: "Mark Motley" <>

> Looks like -W is still broken.  Some quick troubleshooting discovers
> that if I whitelist my address with an "OK2 env_to", the X-DCC header
> shows up.  Otherwise, it does not...

I guess I'm confused.
With -W as it is in 1.1.1, env_To values are white-listed by default,
so that unlisted env_To values behave as if they were listed with "OK
env_To".  A message sent only to recipients listed with "OK env_To" is
not supposed to be reported to the DCC server.  Without talking to the
DCC server about a message, dccm cannot know the total counts for the
checksums and so cannot create a meaningful X-DCC header.

Reading my confusing and confused words in the dccm man page says that
with -W, unlisted targets are supposed to act like -a IGNORE.

Unless someone thinks the 1.1.1 notion is better, I'll working making
1.1.2 act more like 1.0.53.  While thinking about it, I realize that
I don't have the interaction of the per-recipient and global white
lists working right for env_To, and so have to do something.

Until 1.1.2, if the goal is to have dccm add X-DCC headers but not
reject any mail, and if this can be done for all users, there
are -a IGNORE or not using any thresholds.


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