checksums request
Fri May 10 22:15:58 UTC 2002

Hi group.
I am in the process of porting parts of DCC over to Windows so that I can
incorporate DCC functionality into my antispam product (

Anyway, I have gotten to the point where I have an exe that computes the
checksums for a passed email.  What I would like to do is confirm that the
checksums it is generating are the same as those generated by the stock DCC

What I am wondering is if someone would be kind enough to provide me with a
set of messages and the checksums they produce.

I am dumping the checksums using the output of the dcc_print_cks() function
which produces output like so:

                                   checksum                 server  wlist
                 From: 2067a22a 87290a32 79400349 e7b616b8
           Message-ID: 20ae5cfd ec85b94e 8d9057ae 15f2f22d
             Received: e0f547a5 3f9f1e8e 5c91f10b 22928bb3
                 Body: ba22a2ad 1cd9a662 1611ec62 07126ec5
                 Fuz1: 5cec2479 920479f4 47cfdbc6 a32206e2
                 Fuz2: 5d4c0f2e 026b4be2 846d069a dadec350

Ideally, I would like a series of pairs of files: {Msg1.txt,
Checksums1.txt}, {Msg2.txt, Checksums2.txt}, ...

My understanding is that dccm produces output using this same
dcc_print_cks() function.

If this is a tall order I apologize.  I can only plead ignorance since I
have never actually used DCC :).
If anyone has any suggestions as to a better way to go about confirming that
I am generating proper checksums I would also be quite grateful.

I appreciate any assistance you may offer.


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