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Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Wed May 8 16:20:25 UTC 2002

> From: "Henrik Lewander" <henrik@lewander.com>

> As of yesterday I get a lot of these lines in my logs:
> May  7 07:01:23 newton dccproc[1163]: fcntl(F_SETLK F_WRLCK
> /usr/local/dcc/whiteclnt): Resource temporarily unavailable
> Sombody knows what's going on?

The DCC client library code uses exclusive on the main ASCII white list
file to prevent multiple processes from simultaneously rebuilding the
white list hash table file.  That message is what happened when the library
code tried to lock the file.  The most common cause of such problems
is holding a lock on the file with an editor such as vi.

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