last chance to object to change to dccproc log file change

Vernon Schryver
Mon May 6 22:55:46 UTC 2002

> From: Dave Lugo <>

> >     DATE: 05/06/02 15:39:15 MDT
> >     IP: ::ffff:
> >     env_From: <>
> >     env_To: <>
> >
> >     Received: (from root@localhost) by (8.9.1a/8.6.12) id ...

> I'd prefer that the above info be appended before or after the checksums
> at the end of the logged message.

Is that because of existing parsing code?  If so, would it be hard
to preprocess the log files with `sed -e "1,/^$/d"` or an equivalent?

If not, shouldn't the envelope come first?  What about consistency
with the dccm log files?

Vernon Schryver

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