No Fuz2?

Vernon Schryver
Mon May 6 19:23:57 UTC 2002

> From: Tim Wicinski <>

>-- "Mark Motley", <
> > writes: 
>  Our test group for DCC has reported that some emails are coming through wit
>  hout a Fuz2 value in the header.  Fuz1 is there (and from all my reports set
>  to '1' if it matters)
> I noticed that also today. I am running 1.0.53.  Mostly it's the "Korean
> Spam". 

Yes, all three of the checksums (as of 1.0.53) are unable to compute
checksums when there is too little of the data they care about.  That's
necessary to avoid false positives on very short, common messages such
as "subscribe"

Beyond that, I'd rather not talk about details of the checksumming
where Google will digest, index, and serve up answers to bad guys too
lazy to fetch and read the source.

Vernon Schryver

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