Can we reject mail yet still deliver it?

Earl A. Killian
Mon May 6 18:53:16 UTC 2002

Jeff Wiegley, Ph.D. writes:
 > Date: 06 May 2002 11:44:41 -0700
 > From: "Jeff Wiegley, Ph.D." <>
 > I like the idea of saving spam for reasons of accountability,
 > prosecution and intrusion detection.

The -l option of dccproc does that.

 > But I would rather my sendmail respond to spam requests with a
 > ERROR:"550 We don't accept mail from lower-than-dirt spammers"
 > so that they get the message.

They probably won't ever see the message.  However, rather than the
above, you might consider something more legalistic, since you mention
prosecution above.  For example, give a URL to a web page with your
unsolicited bulk email policy, which states that they owe you $500 per
message, or something.  Like shrinkwrap software licenses, you could
try to assert that by sending mail to your site, they have accepted
your policy.


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