SpamAssassin/DCC integration

Matt Armstrong
Thu May 2 02:10:20 UTC 2002

Craig R Hughes <> writes:

> Matt Armstrong wrote:
> MA> I'd say if performance is a problem, then SpamAssassin should be
> MA> written in a language faster than Perl.  The fork/exec + pipe of
> MA> the message into dccproc is not going to be a huge bottleneck
> MA> for SpamAssassin users.
> At the risk of repeating myself....
> It's not so much the CPU performance, it's the RAM usage level
> performance issues related to having to copy every message between
> processes.  The CPU issues are also of concern, but as you point
> out, there's plenty of optimization to be done in the way SA
> currently works, and there is work in that direction being done.

I'm simply arguing the overhead is not a bottleneck, while you're
arguing that it is.  Neither of us are actually backing up our claims.
;-)  Only benchmarks can provide an objective answer.  Have any been


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