SpamAssassin/DCC integration

Brandon Long
Wed May 1 21:47:15 UTC 2002

On 05/01/02 Craig R Hughes uttered the following other thing:
> Hearing good reports from cutting edge SpamAssassin users who've installed
> recent CVS builds and activated the new DCC/SA integration stuff.
> And already we're seeing the first person who's concerned with DCC performance,
> and wants to run their own local dccd.  So here's my question: how easy would it
> be to re-implement the DCC client side in perl (haven't looked at the DCC source
> yet), so that SpamAssassin doesn't have to fork a dcc client process for each
> message it processes, and doesn't have to create a copy of the message text to
> pipe into the dcc process, etc.  I'd be neat (and probably a heck of a lot
> faster) to do the DCC client side stuff in perl, and just call it directly from
> the main SA code instead of forking and piping.  Anyone looked at doing this
> before?

What would probably be better would be to just make a "library" version
of the dcc client... and then you can wrap that library for whichever
scripting language you might want.

Actually, dcc is already mostly a library... it would just involve some
documentation of the library API...  remember that dcc actually does all
of the work on the client side, the server only gets and receives
checksum information, which means a version written in perl or whatever
would have to re-write each of the checksum routines, etc.

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