Feature request: simple spam header?

Mark Motley mark@motleynet.com
Sat Apr 27 16:04:33 UTC 2002

> How about a new "action" as in `dccm -a MARK` that would add the
> "bulk" to the end of the X-DCC header line instead of discarding or
> rejecting the message and otherwise be the same as `-a IGNORE` (if -N
> not specified)?
> That would avoid having to define a new X-DCC header.  Maybe I'm a
> but adding X-headers seems like something that shouldn't be done

Add the 'bulk' string to the beginning of the X-DCC header line, and
you've got yourself a deal!  ;)

> That is only for the sake of discussion, because I see a problem that
> makes me wonder whether the feature would be useful.  Could MUAs
> regular expressions nevertheless recognize a simple X-DCC bulky
> If so, how would they do the necessary whitelisting?  If they can't
> do any whitelisting because they can't apply regular expressions to
> From headers and so forth, would it be better use the DCC whitelists
> in the MTA and do the current rejecting or discarding?

A combination of the two applies here.  In our initial testing, we CAN
get a simple match by setting up rules to look for the string
'fuz1=many' in the headers.  Although this does work, I'd rather have
something a bit simpler to match off of.

Also, we can't match on anything other than 'many'.  For instance, if
the count is above 150, it won't be matched.

Putting the bulk flag right in the front of the header text allows the
MUA to match something like this:

X-DCC-<brand>-Metrics: bulk

And not worry about the fuz values.  Then, the normal rejection
threshold could be used (i.e. 150) to turn on the 'bulk' string if the
fuz values are not 'many' but are greater than the threshold.

As far as whitelisting is concerned, there are two ways we are going to
approach this:

1)  For the "this is really spam but it interests me" category, client
will whitelist on the Outlook client as best they can.  Or, they can
just read the email out of their junk email folder.

2)  For real mailing lists, users can submit the email & headers for
manual whitelisting in DCC.  I'm still chewing on some ideas on how I
can automate this process.


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