Feature request: simple spam header?

Mark Motley mark@motleynet.com
Sat Apr 27 15:53:52 UTC 2002

> So who defines "bulk"?
> Even within your own organization you are likely to find variation
> among your users as to how many copies delivered merits "bulk".

In my personal experience with DCC to this point (on a rather small
vanity domain), mail is either marked with very low fuz counts -OR- it's
marked with one or more fuz counts of 'many'.  There really is very
little in-between.  Which is why my second comment below was....

> >    How this would work is:  if any of the metrics come back "many",
> >    the email bulk header YES.
> That could work.

I think anybody would agree that a fuz count of 'many' (either fuz
count) is bulky enough to warrant the flag being set.

> So the mail administrator defines bulk for all of the users then?

Technically, yes, but in reality, no.  We are allowing our users to
filter spam into a junk email folder that is in their inbox.  They can
always whitelist non-spam.


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